You have the knack

Dear Alice and Wade,

You both are awesome.You did it again!You have the knack to match the right home to the buyer. I admit, I am not an easy person to work with at times, but you are professionals and know how to deal with different personalities.I do not know what I would do without you.When I downsized, I moved into an apartment and it was awful.I felt like I was living with my neighbors and was unhappy.I do not know why I thought because I am older that I needed to be in an apartment.This is far from the truth.You still need your space and privacy which I did not get living in an apartment with people constantly moving in and out and hearing when everyone took a shower.I could not continue to pay the expensive price for being in a nice area for what I was receiving in return.

You both were surprised that I wanted to move further out to the country because I was tire of touching my neighbors as I put it.You made sure I did not go out too far and was not isolated since I am not use to living in a rural area.(It is wonderful how you care about you clients!)This is the best move ever because this move was for me.I did not have to worry about being in the right district for schools.With the extra money I saved because buying a house was cheaper, I just hired my neighbor’s son to ride my tractor and mow my 2 acres. My neighbors are not too close but I do have friendly neighbors.I am so happy. I do not mind walking to the road to get my mail, good exercise!There is nothing like peace and quiet and looking out your windows or sitting on your deck looking at grass and trees.What beautiful scenery!

Your loyal client always,

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